We feel that it is very important to continue nurturing your puppy’s social skills, especially during their “teen” years. Generally, around 6 months old is where the tween age begins. It is a very shaping time in their growth of maturity. This is the time they need to continue being in social settings to help them learn more about themselves by trying different social roles with their peers. It is also a time for parents to learn how to listen to their dogs and guide them in better choices. Learning how to render useless behavior/state of mind that is inappropriate and rewarding behavior/state of mind that is healthy. We will also work on introducing obedience, leash walking, crate training, and other challenges that may arise with your pup during the course.


  • Class Length
    • 1 hour a week for 4 weeks.
  • Class Day:
    • Days and times will vary
  • Class Size:
    • Maximum of 8 dogs per class
  • Requirements:
    • 6 -11 months
    • Vaccinated
    • MUST be good with other dogs and humans


$150 for all 4 Classes

Time Required:

4 Weeks