As we continue to strengthen our bonds with our canine it is important we learn how to do it with enthusiasm. They thrive off of working and pleasing their parents. Our dogs want to find their role within the pack. It is important that we provide that direction and guidance and what better way to do that than through teamwork! This class is designed to continue nurturing your relationship with your canine along with making it fun! Dogs love to have a job and this class is catered to that. We will work on strengthening their obedience skills. Mastering the walk, teaching tasks, and introducing public manners.


  • Class Length
    • 1 hour a week for 4 weeks.
  • Class Day:
    • Days and times will vary each month
  • Class Size:
    • Maximum of 7 dogs per class
  • Requirements:
    • 1 year or older
    • Vaccinated


$150 for all 4 Classes

Time Required:

4 Weeks